Most small business work very hard to get their name out. Despite having great products, great owners and excellent certifications, the spending on promotion grows multifold without much of name recognition, because of the sheer number of competitors trying to do the same. We at ShareCredentials, have built an information exchange where Small Businesses now can build their profile, upload credentials and maintain their public profile all year round without much of an effort. You can send out your profile to your prospective customers and your profile can be viewed by both active and passive buyers. based on their search criteria. It is free to use and maintain your profile.

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About Us

ShareCredentials has invented a purpose-built, virtual internet-based document management platform that provides real-time document exchange following a trust based relationship driven principle. We intend to bring enterprises, governments, and non profits closer to our citizens and corporate citizens cutting down red tape and increasing efficiency. The ShareCredentials document transformation tools allows users to protect their document, add content and sign documents using computers and mobile devices.