Most small businesses work very hard to get their name out. Despite having great products, great owners, and excellent certifications, the spending on promotion grows multifold without much of name recognition, because of the sheer number of competitors trying to do the same. We at ShareCredentials, have built an information exchange where Small Businesses now can build their profile, upload credentials, and maintain their public profile all year round without much of an effort. You can send out your profile to your prospective customers and your profile can be viewed by both active and passive buyers. based on their search criteria. It is free to use and maintain your profile.

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Do not let papers slow you down.

It is found that more paper is consumed by printing and reprinting documents for reviewing, signing, and other redundant activities. The document exchange network of ShareCredentials cuts down these redundancies.
Small Businesses now can manage all their credentials such as incorporation documents, licenses, certifications, tax returns, and any other documents that they require for their interactions with regulatory authorities or customers.
ShareCredentials Business profile provides you a platform to store vital information about your organization so that when you need data or documents, it is readily available for you without going through emails or past communications. It speeds your customer interaction and gives focus to your customer acquisition process.

Create a detailed profile
Describe your business.
Categorize your business.
Upload documents.
Personalized document delivery.
Redact public documents
Respond to Document Request.
Respond to Event request.
Respond to signature requests.

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