Watching a child grow is a pretty enjoyable experience. We at ShareCredentials believe in extending digital convenience to our families to help them manage their paperwork and remove the chaos from their lives. Parents can create a profile for their minor children, add their documents from their birth record, shot records, certificates, diploma, and hand them over along with the key to their car when they turn 18. In the meantime, they can apply to schools, get internships, and land their first job using ShareCredentials.

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Note: We advise to use an email address that is specific to your child.

About Us

ShareCredentials has invented a purpose-built, virtual, internet-based document management platform that provides real-time document exchange following a trust-based relationship. We intend to bring enterprises, governments, and nonprofits closer to our citizens and corporate citizens, cutting down red tape and increasing efficiency. The ShareCredentials document transformation tools allow users to protect their documents, add content, and sign documents using computers and mobile devices.