ShareCredentials OnBoarding application is a powerful tool to get a new hire started without losing any manhours. From collection of personal data to signing non-disclosures, ShareCredentials makes sure no paper is ever used in the process.

Collect the documents and keep it safe and secure as long as the person works. The documents disappear automatically from your electronic shelves the moment retention days are over.

Streamline your hiring, onboarding, and termination process. Manage your HR Documents at ShareCredentials.

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Paperless HR OnBoarding.

It is found that more paper is consumed by printing and reprinting documents for reviewing, signing, and other redundant activities. The document exchange network of ShareCredentials cuts down these redundancies for HR department automating OnBoarding and other HR functions as follows

Electronic signature.
Paperless form filling.
Document collection for onboarding.
Credential Evaluation.
Dedicated new hire dashboard.
Immigration Processing.
Electronic right to represent.
Contracts and Agreements.
Reminders and notifications management.
Customizatble interface to create access/authentication.
Customized document retention.

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