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Paperless HR OnBoarding.

What is an OnBoarding process?

The employee onboarding process is essential, but the often complicated element of human resources management. In addition to familiarizing new hires with the company and their roles, there is paperwork for payroll, benefits, taxes, and a number of other areas. Employees also have to fill in papers and sign document before receiving organizational assets and getting access to ERP, CRM, and Sharepoint.

The problem of the Paper-based OnBoarding process.

Paper-based employee onboarding is difficult to monitor. It not only affects smoother transition but causes a loss of valuable man-hours because of failing to assign assets such as computers, Workplace, and Phone System. Not able to get into the systems further frustrates the new hire.

Why automate the HR OnBoarding Process?

Employee onboarding automation involves using web-based software that is designed to help HR departments and companies improve yesterday's paper-based onboarding approaches and facilitates a faster, easier transition for new hires. Onboarding software generally includes valuable features and functions such as

  • E-Forms
  • Personalized portals
  • Checklists
  • Workflow for policies and regulations
  • DashBoard and Reporting

These new hire solutions also include other capabilities, such as employee self-service, I-9 and E-Verify, compliance tools, and integrations to payroll and other third-party applications. Effective onboarding solutions do so much more than eliminate paper and save time. At their best, they improve communication, engage employees, and create a valuable, natural working relationship much faster than traditional onboarding approaches do.

Benefits of using ShareCredentials.

Implementing ShareCredentials helps HR, hiring managers, and even executives address the needs and concerns of their new hires without placing too much administrative burden on HR or managers. This improves communication with new employees, gives them all the information they need, and tracks their progress through the many onboarding steps.

ShareCredentials helps to standardize the entire process, which saves time and makes each experience consistent, valuable, and rewarding. They even help with compliance efforts with features to make sure deadlines are met, nothing is missed, and that no documents or information is ever lost.

Features of ShareCredentials

  • Paperless form filling.
  • Document collection for onboarding.
  • Electronic signature.
  • Verified Credentials.
  • Dedicated new hire dashboard.
  • Immigration Processing Checklists
  • Electronic right to represent.
  • Contracts and Agreements.
  • Reminders and notifications management.
  • Customizable interface to create access/authentication.
  • Customized document retention.
  • Portal for HR vendors and Staffing Agencies
  • Automated Emails
  • Orchestration of tasks

Better, More Productive First Week.

Eliminate first-week formalities and pressure so new employees can hit the ground running. Now it's possible to give new hires self-service access to everything they need before they even start. This eliminates the mountain of paperwork employees used to have to complete and frees them to meet new team members and jump into work right away-after all, that's what they really want!

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