Educational Institutions

Paperless School Administration

School Administrators are under tremendous pressure to retain the same quality of education with widening teacher- student ratio. It is important to identify redundant task of document management and cut down overheads that consume administrator’s attention.

The Document Exchange Network from ShareCredentials brings a revolutionary change in document collection and management. Documents can be Saved, Shared and Signed by students, parents and patrons electronically without worrying about shredding under one unified eco-system that is not only understand the pain of managing document but also understands pain of filling up redundant information.

Paperless Operation Management

It is found that more paper is consumed by printing and reprinting documents for reviewing, signing and other redundant activities. The document exchange network of ShareCredentials cuts down these redundancies.

ShareCredentials can facilitate many common education operational activities;

  • Admission process
  • Credential Evaluation
  • Parent Consent
  • Personalized document delivery.
  • Document Collection
  • International Student Management

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Electronic Forms

Self Filling Electronics Forms are great way of obtaining information from your clients, future employees and vendors. Information shared can be downloaded and interfaced to other application   >>>

Document Collection

Document Collection is an integral part of any business. Documents shared comes with built in retention policy, which is transparent to both the parties. Document destruction is thing of past now.   >>>

Sign Documents

Send signature requests over web to get your documents signed by your business partners, clients, supplier, and employees. It's easy to sign and easy to archive for future use.    >>>

Print Factory

Create new documents, produce licenses, print certificates and mailmerge to your subscribers, all in one closed loop.   >>>


DocDesk is a free tool to transform your documents. Covert formats, quickly redact and sign your document, fill any form and create social memes.   >>>

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Pricing Details

Credential/day  :This allows users to build checklists and collect documents as per the checklist.  The document submitted can be accepted or be rejected.  Users can request additional information such as Issuing Authority, Date issues, Expiry date and so on. The number of requests per day depends on the plan a company is enrolled in.  

Signature/day  :Request to sign a document can be made by the members with valid paid subscription. Users can upload documents as per the limits set under each subscription type. Documents can be uploaded and boxes are drawn to mark who signs where.

Workcenter Document  :Documents can be uploaded by the paid subscribers which can be used for obtaining signatures, or it can be used as a print template for mailmerge.

Web Forms Request/day  :A Web Form is a Data Entry Form that the user can design for the respondents.  The form can be hosted publicly or be sent by invitation.  Responding users can fill up and data is saved under their profile for future use. 

Workflow Request/day  :Workflows consist of all three fundamental components of Sharecredentials, which are, E-Signature, Credentials-Check List Request, and Webform.  A workflow request can be designed using the workflow studio where all three components can be combined multiple times along with free text to generate a step by step experience for respondents.

Review Content Request/day  :This is collaborative content editing and signing tool. Paying users can invite other non paying users to review a documents, edit them and add new content before finalizing the document. Once agreeed, the document can be signed by 2 parties.