Solution for Healthcare providers

Paperless patient experience

Patients want to spend their time with their physician—not filling out forms. With ShareCrednential, you can greatly improve the patient experience by enabling them to fill out forms ahead of time on their own mobile device or computer. Get documents signed electronically and collect documents such as insurance cards, case history and referral documents efficiently and access it without owning it. Your patients will appreciate the time saved doing paperwork and spending more time with their Doctors.

Paperless Operation Management

It is found that more paper is consumed by printing and reprinting documents for reviewing, signing and other redundant activities. The document exchange network of ShareCredentials cuts down these redundancies.

ShareCredentials can facilitate many common healthcare operational activities;

  • Physician credentialing
  • Audit and compliance processes
  • Medical records updates
  • Claims processing
  • Agent/broker onboarding
  • Medicare/Medicaid forms
  • Prior authorizations
  • HIPAA forms
  • Provider contracting

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Electronic Forms

Self Filling Electronics forms are great way of obtaining information from your clients, future employees and vendors. Information shared can be downloaded and interfaced to other application   >>>

Credential Verification

Credential Verification are integral part of any business. Documents shared comes with built in retention policy, which is transparent to both the parties. Document destruction is thing of past now.   >>>

Sign Documents

E-Sign your documents over web or using our mobile app, just as you would in real life. Open the signing pad, draw the signature using your finger and you are all set.   >>>

Print Factory

Create new documents, produce licenses, print certificates and auto deliver to your subscribers, all in one closed loop.   >>>


DocDesk is a free tool to transform your documents. Covert formats, quickly redact and sign your document, fill any form and create social memes.   >>>


Free Plan
Plan Duration: 7 Days
Credential/day: 3
Signature/day: 5
Workcenter Document: 2
Plan Duration: 30 Days
Credential/day: 10
Signature/day: 1
Workcenter Document: 10
Plan Duration: 30 Days
Credential/day: 20
Signature/day: 2
Workcenter Document: 15
Plan Duration: 30 Days
Credential/day: 40
Signature/day: 5
Workcenter Document: 25

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