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Paperless OnBoarding

Human Resource Managers end up owning shelves full of documents containing personal information as they onboard/off-board employees and contractors. Both brick and mortar storage and electronic storage pose a challenge to information retention as valuable data gets stolen every year. ShareCredentials HR OnBoarding makes sure that the document collected stays with the rightful owner all the time while hiring agencies can access, review as per the retention days declared while initiating a hiring process. 

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Paperless Operation Management

It is found that more paper is consumed by printing and reprinting documents for reviewing, signing and other redundant activities. The document exchange network of ShareCredentials cuts down these redundancies.

ShareCredentials can facilitate many common Human Resource Department's operational activities;

  • Electronic signature
  • Online Forms
  • Document collection for onboarding
  • Credential Evaluation
  • Immigration Processing
  • Electronic right to represent
  • Contracts and Agreements

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Electronic Forms

Self Filling Electronic Forms are great way of obtaining information from your clients, future employees and vendors. Information shared can be downloaded and interfaced to other application   >>>

Document Collection

Credential Verification are integral part of any business. Documents shared comes with built in retention policy, which is transparent to both the parties. Document destruction is thing of past now.   >>>

Signature Request

Send signature requests over web to get your documents signed by your business partners, clients, supplier, and employees. It's easy to sign and easy to archive for future use.    >>>

Print Factory

Create new documents, produce licenses, print certificates and mailmerge to your subscribers, all in one closed loop.   >>>


DocDesk is a free tool to transform your documents. Covert formats, quickly redact and sign your document, fill any form and create social memes.   >>>

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