How it Works

Step 1: Identify yourself

Citizen Service: This is our general service window for all citizens of any age for managing personal documents for free.
Business Service: This is our service window for all business customers who want to save their business documents. This is a free service at this time until further notice.
Master Members:  These are our paid subscribers. It allows any public and private institutions to initiate document exchange with their clients and get documents signed.

Step 2: Create a profile

Citizen Members:  A detailed profile helps you earn credibility. Recruiters and Head Hunter use ShareCredentials to look for credible talent from all across the industry.

Business Members: Completing a detailed profile helps buyers pick the right suppliers for their business.  It is absolutely free!

Master Members: Master members are paid subscribers. It is important that you complete the profile, set up your signing methods and upload your company logo before you send out requests for Document Collection and Signature.

Step 3: Upload Credentials

Citizen members may submit their personal documents such as Birth record, Passport, Degrees, Diplomas, Experience letter, Tax returns, Immigration documents etc.

Business Members can submit documents related to Incorporation, Articles, Tax returns, Assets, Licences, certification, Approvals 
Master Members create checklists of their document requirements, create forms to collect information and upload documents that they use for signature - MSA, Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, and other contracts are few common examples of documents our clients use.

Step 4: Search and request

Members invite their business or citizen contacts and can send out documents. Master Members may send requests to collect documents, sign them or complete a whole packet of a workflow. ShareCredentials notifies members of any such requests and helps them complete the task.

Step 5: Build Reputation

When you invite your contacts and start exchanging documents, the Document Exchange Network starts working for you in building your reputation and authenticity. All while we maintain your privacy and do not read your documents.
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